We Welcome You

A big thank you to our friends Tamsin and Totes for their work welcoming refugees in London. As well as putting on a great fundraising event with Massive Arms, they also made these lovely bags and zines containing messages of welcome, as well as some of the stories our visitors have to tell.


“We Welcome You” aims to promote a culture of hospitality and show recognition of the shared humanity between UK citizens and people coming to the UK in need. In response to recent campaigns pledging support for Syrian refugees we wanted to open the message up in order to overcome qualifying and potentially divisive labels. Our aim is to create a community of people who will proudly say that they welcome all migrants and refugees.
Tamsin and Totes have been welcoming migrants and refugees to the UK as volunteers and feel strongly about their rights and wellbeing. However, the build up of recent tragedies involving refugees and migrants has motivated us to act and try and do more to help.
We have been making 100 bags and zines to raise money for organisations in London who do amazing work to support people coming to the UK in need.
The tote bags carry the message “We Welcome You” so that people, in buying and wearing them, will promote a positive message of inclusion, celebrating the contributions of migrants and refugees to our communities in the UK. Inside the bags is a little zine – featuring some great artwork- which also seeks to raise awareness about the difficulties that refugees and migrants face in the UK, challenge divisive discourses and most importantly to inspire action and positive change!
You can read more about the bags and zines here