Leave to Remain – Film Screening

leave to remain3

How far would you go to escape your past?

Omar, a charismatic Afghan teenager, is at the precarious juncture of having his refugee status decided, when the arrival of a boy from back home threatens to change everything. Forced into a position where the outcome may be the difference between life and death, his only options are to tell the unbelievable truth or to tell a good story? For Omar, and thousands like him, who arrive alone and scared to our shores each year, the asylum system is a cruel game of chance.

Based on real-life stories, Leave to Remain is a coming of age drama that depicts a world hidden from view. Featuring a soundtrack from the hottest band of the year, Mercury Music Prize and Novello Award-winners Alt-J, this provocative debut feature from BAFTA winner Bruce Goodison, is brought to life by powerful performances from an ensemble cast of emerging talent, young refugees and acclaimed actor, Toby Jones.

LWP is proud to be screening Leave to Remain: a must see for all to learn about what the asylum process looks like. Bruce Goodison looks to give a voice to the thousands of minor asylum seekers currently fighting their cases in the courtrooms of the United Kingdom.

When? This Thursday, 28 May, 7pm.
Where? The Common House.
Refreshments will be provided.

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