Crowdfunder – Ali’s Calendar!

We’re raising money to continue paying rent so we can keep our social centre for refugees and asylum seekers open.


One of our visitors, ‘Ali’, wanted to give back to the project using his art. He was an artist and photographer before he had to flee to the UK from Iran to claim asylum, because of his political beliefs.

Ali and his art

A small selection of Ali’s artwork

LWP supported him by providing artists’ supplies so that he could pursue his art. Over the last few months he’s been creating amazing art work, and improving his style, as well as offering drawing lessons to some of our other visitors and their kids.

Ali suggested that we could raise some money to pay rent on the space by using his art to make a calendar for 2015.

We are aiming to raise enough money to keep our centre open for two months. Obviously the more money we can raise, the longer we can keep our centre open to support our visitors, like Ali to have a safe space where they can socialise, pursue their interests, and ultimately flourish.

In return for your donation, you will receive:

£2 – a postcard-sized print of one of Ali’s paintings or drawing

£5 – a selection of 3 postcard-sized prints Ali’s artwork

£10 – a 12-page hanging calendar, with one of Ali’s unique prints for each month

You could use the postcards to send Christmas messages to friends, and the calendar would make a great seasonal and new year gift!

Ali's artwork    Ali's artwork

With your donations we can keep the centre open for as long as possible. With your help our visitors, like Ali, will continue to have a safe and welcoming space to spend their Sundays. 

To buy a calendar, visit our Crowdfunder Page

Thank you!