London Welcome Project

A social centre for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants

Open every Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

All of London Welcome Project's services and activities are free and open to everyone. Every week, a volunteer or visitor will cook vegetarian and halal food to share together. We have a computer with internet access, and a library where books can be borrowed. Indoor and outdoor activities are available so there are things to do, whatever the weather! We also run ad hoc workshops and skillshares - we draw on the skills, knowledge and passions present among the users of the project. You do not need a referral to join us, just come along on Sunday afternoon.

  • With the help of our volunteers, visitors can fix up donated bicycles to keep and ride in London.

  • Many of the visitors to LWP come to have a hot meal and to socialize - or to share their traditional food and cook for everyone.

  • Opportunities to practice your English with informal conversation classes led by our volunteers, and one-to-one support

  • Every week we have a range of activities available - from drawing and colouring, to scrabble and table tennis. Books can be borrowed from our library, or you can brush up on skills with ad hoc workshops

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